First gathering of Practice International

The first gathering of Practice International took place in London in August 2013. The core participants of the gathering were The Otolith Group, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Christian Nyampeta, Johanna Gustafsson, Koyo Kouoh, Ultra Red, Binna Choi, Grant Watson and Lisa Rosendahl.
The purpose of the meeting was to assemble the core participants in Practice International and together conceptually explore the project. Through the rest of 2013 there will be further gatherings in Dakar and Japan. Although the gatherings are initiated by Iniva/Iaspis/Casco ─ Office for Art, Design and Theory, each meeting is hosted by a different organization or practice. The host will condition the way the gathering is convened and the nature of the discussions that take place; bringing their own concerns and ways of doing things into the form and content of the project.
The London gathering was generously hosted by The Otolith Group at their house in Stoke Newington.