A Play to Play- Commission by Anna Boghuigian

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A Play to Play is a commission by artist Anna Boghuigian as part of the exhibtion Tagore's Universal Allegories. 
Presented In conjunction with Practice InternationalTagore's Universal Allegories centres on the work of one of India's most important figures of the early twentieth century, the poet and polymath Rabindranath Tagore. Taking Santiniketan, Tagore's school, university and utopian community in West Bengal, as a starting point, the project features two quite unexpected responses to Tagore's legacy and suggests how his work and ideas still resonate for artists today. We see how Tagore's approach to art and culture as well as subjects including ecology, education, cosmopolitanism, nationalism, and the universal, compel our interest and demand to be translated into terms that reflect the contemporary world.
A Play to Play incorporates elements associated with Tagore, encountered during Boghuigian's frequent visits to Santiniketan. A small stage in the centre of the space elicits Tagore's love of theatre and directly reference his allegorical play "The Post Office".
Volumes of Tagore's poetry, drama, literature, as well as essays on nationalism, internationalism, religion and education are housed on a bookshelf which visitors are invited to interact with, alongside Boghiguian's own sketchbooks.
A new series of the artist's drawings, paintings and embroidered pieces made at Santiniketan are displayed. The intuitive and expressionistic rendering of figures and use of text recall Tagore's own artworks produced later in his life.